When you feel like giving up:


Sometimes Life is not the way we want .we feel suffocated and extremely tired of fighting with problems .you need someone to talk a bit but there is no one even if there is your family or friends you don’t feel like telling them cause you know or feel they will not understand. You will feel depressed and want to give up. Why because someone told you that you can’t achieve what you want .they told you that you are nothing just a useless piece on earth .that you don’t deserve anything good in life .If that’s the case then you want to motivate yourself and focus on your goals ,focus on what you want in life and what you want to become .I know this feeling very well that’s why I am writing about this .This is when you feel low and just want to laydown eat some chocolates and watch some of your favorite web series. Do that I am not telling you not to .I am just trying to save you from the darkness of sorrow .Its high time for you to start making efforts and make your dreams comes true .There are many fears in our life . Fear of losing some one, fear of being rejected, fear of being humiliated, fear of being an outcast .But my friend I am honestly telling you once you manage to overcome these you have won the half marathon today. Life is not as sweet as we think. Life has some hardships ,sorrows and everyone has to face them .It’s like death you can’t escape and still fear it .that is what life is .you can’t escape from sorrows ,heartbreaks and still you don’t want to face it .

Overthinking and the unwanted sensitivity actually leads you to depression .You always feel that why is not anyone care for you .Actually there are people who care for you and love you but as you are sensitive and overthinking about certain things you need them to show some extra attention , care and love for you .Sometimes people may get angry with you and scold you especially your mother because she loves you and when you do something inappropriate she just get angry .At that time you think she is not understanding you or your point but the fact is she is experienced and know a lot about circumstances that you don’t even heard about .This usually happens at the young age (Teen age ).

Life goes on it never stop for anyone .and you need to learn the fact .It’s okay if you have lost a job ,if you have broken with the person you love ,if you have failed a test. Everything that happens to us is God will and is for our good. Every hurdle teaches you a lesson and you become more mature and broad minded. Just think positive and make your way to success. You will soon find a new job with great income .you will soon find a person better than him/her .Soon you will pass all the test with good marks .All you have to do is to think positive and work on yourself.

Mostly people attempt suicide just because they are cheated on .Remember there are many people in Hospitals who are fighting for their live and you are the one who is going to end your life just because of a hurdle and failure .The best thing with which you can motivate your self is to remember your most thriving moment .Take a moment and think how blessed you are .Giving up on your life and on your self is not a solution .Everyone is born with a purpose .All you have to do is to find that purpose if you can’t find one then simply just create one .Create your happiness on your own because no one is going to do this for you. I know you are tired of your daily life and with what you are going through .Just listen to some music go on a drive. Take some days off and go for a vacation with your family .Own a dog or any other pet. Pets help people to relax .Try some exercise like going on a walk, doing aerobics, join gym which will release anxiety, tension and will give you a boost to start over. Be a challenge acceptor .Prove yourself and let others praise you. Don’t let others rule over you .why don’t you rule over them.

Don’t let this feeling ruin you and make your mind toxic. There is a saying “Do good have good “.When you think good and positive for others as well as for yourself .Good things will eventually come to you. There were times when I was literally facing the most difficult face of my life .At that time I did not have anything that can please my sorrowful heart .But I did not gave up in despair .That one thing that truly helps me is Why .Why I end up like this. Why did I take this decision .Am I that worthless .The Heart wrenching thing that lead me to depression was my financial condition and that my dad always praise my sister instead of me .He always say my second daughter is the best, she is genius, she is active .Everyone praise her while I was nothing in there eyes .And that just shattered me into small pieces. The one who has faith in me was my mom .Sometimes she also gets tired but she did not give up hope. she knew that one day I will shine and everyone will be shocked .Although I was surrounded by the feeling of boredom but I did not let myself to give up .I decided to prove myself and I am on my way to success .My grades were not that good .As I grow up I realize there is nothing in crying alone at the bathroom .I asked myself why I can’t be a princess .I don’t lack anything .I have a good mind as well as I have skills .It’s just that I am not using it .Then I cried hard and put a pillow on my face so that no one can hear me because I am not weak .Although I am emotional but I am as strong as rock .Then I studied hard enough .Day and night and take an A+ in 9th Grade(2019) .I though now everyone will like me and praise me but I was wrong actually they did not believe and was saying my sister will surely ranked 1st in the province .Why because if I can take A+ then anyone can .However ,In 2020 due to Covide19 the exams were cancelled .Now I am in 1st year studying engineering as well as practicing content writing. I know I am not that good in writing but I will surely improve myself .In that time of period I do hate my sister but then I realize she did not do anything wrong . Infect no one did wrong .Everyone has his/her own thinking and they judge people on the basis of what they think about them. Every day I want to learn new things .There is a saying that when you learn more you will earn more. I will never give up on my dream .In this field of content writing there is still a long way to go.

If you are tired and you feel like nothing can change this situation just think about the one person who has faith in you and hopes that you will shine one day. Try sharing your situation with God believe me He is the best friend ,a guardian anyone could ask for and will give you strength to overcome this situation .If you want to release despair out of you try making some deserts for yourself .Engage yourself as much as you don’t have time for these worthless people and thought .Reconsidering yourself is a good way .Try to let it go weather it’s a person or anything after some time you will know your worth and will find out for what you were crying was worthless .Deep inside we all know our capabilities but the problem is that we start believing what others think about us is true .Everyone can lead to depression weather a child or adult .Age does not matter .when a child feel abandoned he starts behaving rude to his parents .As the child grow up that feeling change into depression and then change into a high level anxiety .Yes depression is linked to anxiety. That’s why he agitated, frustrated and wants to give up on everything. Usually the people in relationship lead to depression when his/her partner is not giving enough attention.

Try to live in your present and forget about the past .Remember forget the past but not the lesson .Try to find out answers of your question .Try to find what is right and what is wrong don’t be a spoil spot .Keep moving ahead even if you don’t know where this path will take you .Listen to the advice given by our elder and try not to escape from a complicated situations .Remember God test those He loves the most

Ayesha Arooj is a content writer and offer blogging services. I love writing because it helps me to discover a whole new world